About Me

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan. In the summer when we'd be working late at night, there was always someone that had to go in to cook dinner for everybody: that was me. Add that to having a close knit family and spending years watching my mom cook from the other side of the kitchen island, I have spent a lot of time around food. 

My family taught me early on that food brought people together and was a great way to welcome them into your home. I'm serious on that too, whenever someone comes over, we need to feed them. We didn't live anywhere close to anything, so I didn't have experience with lots of restaurants, my family cooked their meals. 

It wasn't until later when I got to college that I realized how rare that actually was!

People would ask me if I wanted to go out to eat and I can't count the amount of times I received an amazed look when I replied "I've never been there". I'm not talking about Mom and Pop restaurants either, I mean large chains. 

Anyways, I went to college at Kettering University in Flint, MI (before the water crisis). After I moved out of the dorms I went back to cooking most of my meals once again. After all, it's expensive to eat out! My last year of college I met my, now, husband. He was proof that food really is the way to a man's heart. 

Even still today, I will occasionally call up my Mom or my Grandmother and ask them how they make something. We share recipes and I have a recipe box full of cards that are titled either "Ma's ..." or "Grandma's ...". The recipes are hand-me-downs: and next to all the wonderful experiences, memories, and love I have received from them over the years, I think it is one of the greatest gifts they could give. 

I hope that anyone who visits this site is able to use it to not only cook something delicious but also create some love within their home. My Dad recently said to me that the cooking my Mom and I do is a lost art. He is right, but in more ways than one. There is also the lost art of eating at home, engaging and including others while you cook. Most importantly is the lost art of cooking as an experience, not a chore. Of making food, not just as another meal, but for the enjoyment of the ones you love. I hope you all find some food love here! 

As Bill Penzey (Penzey's Spices) says: 'Love People, Cook them Tasty Food'